Sunday, August 3, 2008


I decided 2 weeks ago it was time for a little holiday, so I packed up the car and set of south.

First stop was going to see my gran who lives in Bavaria Germany. She is 88 now, so have to take every chance I get to go see her.

We had a great time there. The weather was great, at least 30°C every day. Added bonus was the minigolf course they build not to far from my gran's house. The boys just love to play it, so we ended up going there every day. As well as the bowling, which was right next to it. We also managed to sqeeze in some time to visit some castles, a zoo, roddeling, go swimming, etc. etc. etc. No resting with my boys, they are on the go non-stop.

After a week we went down to Munich and picked up hubby at the airport. Drove further down to the very south-eastern tip of Germany and spent a couple more days there.

We managed to find this little hotel with the most beautiful view down the mountain.

We went to go see the Königssee, St. Bartholomä, the Kehlsteinhouse (Eagle's Nest), the Salt Mines and did some walking through the mountains.

So yesterday was the day to drive home and the roads were absolutely mobed. I been driving for 12 hours straight. Stopped for coffee twice lol, to keep myself going, but I am glad we made it home ok.

Anywho for whomever took the time to actually read all of this, we had a great time and now it is back to washing lol. The added bonus after a holiday. The boys are off on holiday for one more week now and after that I have time again to do some designing. So keep watching out for some new stuff in store and the odd freebie.

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Bianca said...

Good luck with your washing! It's nice to have beautiful weather when you are on holiday, I can imagine the great time you had!!