Friday, December 3, 2010

Sinterklaas weekend is here!

We are living in a house full off excitement this weekend. Sinterklaas arrived several weeks ago in the Netherlands. From which point onward children are aloud to put their shoe out at night before they go to bed and sing a couple of songs. They also usually put out a drink for Sinterklaas and a carrot for his horse.

Now.... on the 5th of December is what we call "pakjesavond". On this evening the children will receive their presents from Sinterklaas and the next day he will go back home to Spain.

Today the children had a visit from Sinterklaas at their school and they all got a present to take home, on top of that they had the afternoon off.

The boys are now really excited since it is only 2 more sleeps until the big day!!

All this excitement is a really GOOD thing after the horrendous week we have had. The family is still in shock and mourning after the unexpected death of my sister-in-laws sister. Something that began as a really joyful time after the birth of their second baby girl just a week before ended in Angeliques passing.
My thoughts are with my sister-in-law Anita, her family, Angelique's husband and her 2 precious girls and also my brother Gerhard. I wish you all the strength in this difficult time, trying to deal with Angeliques untimely and PREVENTABLE death.

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