Monday, April 6, 2009


My laptop has now been gone for a week and I miss designing lots! I am lucky to still have this old desktop, so at least I get to keep up with my mail and some of the latest in the design world.

So since I haven't got a lot of scrap related things I can blog about at the moment, I figured I would go ahead and introduce the newest member to our family.

This is "Beau" our little pup, we got him last saturday and he's been keeping us active all weekend and needless to say up at nights. (lol)

But he's a great bundle of fun and my boys love him to bits.

Well thanks for reading my little post and I wish you all a fantastic week!

Ooh.... and before I forget, thank you to all who left me those great comments for my part of the DST Blog Train, I really do appreciate you taking your time and leaving me a little message!!

2 reacties:

Toni said...

awwww those eyes! irresistable!

Vanessa B said...

He's Adorable!!!