Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Have I got something good for you guys!!!

At Piece of Cookie we have got a Designer Challenge going. Interested?? All the information you need you can find below.

Designer Call CLOSED!!
WoW got great response yesterday at our calls, and if everything is going
well, we'll have 8 designers!! YAY!!

but.....we'll go to 10 designers...the last 2 spots are VIP spots.

Before we choose VIP designers, designers have to challenge eachother.
Everyone who wants to become a designer can challenge.
You'll have to make a free kit first with the colorswatch that's been given.

Upload your preview and downloadlink to the forum,
and our Team will choose who are the last 2 designers for the store.

Your kit must include the following things:

5 papers - alpha - 2 ribbons - 1 frame - 1 or more flower(s) - 2 tags
things you're good at and want to let us see

Your colorswatch will be:


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