Sunday, June 1, 2008

Little Walking Tiger

About 3 months ago Ryan my oldest been starting to go to Kempo and he really enjoyed it sofar. The other night he came home after and was all proud cause he got taught the walk of the tiger.

He was so excited he had to show me right away. I managed to quickly film it with my photocamera, so quality isn't to good, but still nice for Ryan to see back once he really gets into his Kempo and gets better at it.

I did manage to finish 2 quick layout for some challenges over at, figured I'd post them here, not usually the style of scraps I do, but I enjoyed making them.

Credits: Zomer Kit by Centani Designs at

Credits: Fryske's Template Freebie at, Papers and Elements by K. Lewis - Starbursts Freebie at

Oh yeah and before I forget to mention, I managed to get my photoalbum finished that I was making for my mums birthday later this month. It is an album with pictures we took on our trip to Rome last april. It ended up being a 41 pager, I ordered 2 copies. One at and the second at Since I wanted one for myself, I ordered them at two different places, gives me a good idea of differences in quality. I'll try and post some pictures of the finished products once they come in.

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Anonymous said...

hey that is it right there!!! lil man showing some moves. that`s great tan!! i want to see more progress later. thanks for the view!! ttyl xoxo