Thursday, May 8, 2008


This has been a great week so far, weather is FANTASTIC, boys are home from school, so we been out most days having fun.
Been to the beach monday and wednesday, it's over 2 hours driving there, but the boys love it, so it is definatly worth it.
Monday we been to Zandvoort, they have a great beach there, trouble is...... it is incredibly busy, difficult to get a parking space and getting out of there got us caught in a traffic jam for an hour and a half.
I ended up getting some tips, so on wednesday we tried Kijkduin. Getting there and getting home was more relaxed!!
Yesterday we ended up going to "Tierpark Nordhorn", which is just an hours drive into Germany. It's a small zoo, but big enough for the boys to have some hours of fun. Added bonus is that they have a really nice playground, which often times is the number one atraction to them anyways.

They have one section there where they keep some rabbits and guineapigs, with it being so hot, I couldn't help but laugh at this one rabbit and just had to take a picture. I can just imagine what he was thinking........"O M G it is sooooooo hot!!!"

Anyways, I thought it was funny. ;)

This morning I tried to take the pictures of my camera and transfer them to my laptop. only a number of pictures made it there and most were missing.

I checked the flash card, but couldn't find no more pictures, after switching on the camera I got an error.

Thing was I wanted those pictures though........ I found a program online that can recover lost pictures from your flash card, but it had to be done through a cardreader. I went and bought a cardreader, then let the trial version of the program check it. It found 121 pictures, just had to pay $ 45,00 to get them saved to my drive. :D It ended up costing a couple pennies, but I have my pictures back!!!

Since we didn't go on an outing today, I had a little time left to make a template and an example layout. You can find both and the download link below. Enjoy!!

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Credits: Kay Miller Designs - Lovin Life

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